Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello there. This is a site dedicated to designing web sites "in the browser". That means using markup and CSS as design tools and not simply as production tools. If you already do web design this way then I want your help. I want this to be a place where we can new and better ways of pushing our craft. And if you're new to this sort of thing then I'm doubly glad you're here. I hope you'll take a stab at working this way and that you find it as helpful as I (and others) have.

To help with designing web sites in the browser I'm releasing a project I'm calling The Coding Designer's Survival Kit. It's the toolset I use when I design, and I've been continually evolving it to suite my team's needs and I hope it helps others too. I think it's pretty useful and maturing all the time. I hope you check it out, and watch some of the videos I put on this site to see how I put it to use.


Posted on Sunday, July 10th, 2011