About Me

Mason Wendell is a Design, CSS, HTML, and Drupal specialist who has been designing and building websites since the early days of the web – first as an adjunct to his musical endeavors, and then deeper and deeper into more specialized and interesting territory. He has designed countless sites, written a custom content management system, and built dozens of customized Drupal websites starting with Drupal 4.7. He has been a pixel monkey, a Flash designer and developer, and a streaming media producer for museums, universities, theaters, nonprofits, and Wall Street. He’s an active member of the Drupal open-source community, especially in local Philadelphia activities. Mason has been a speaker at every Philadelphia Drupal Camp (Drupaldelphia) and at this year’s Design for Drupal Camp at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

He co-founded Canary Promotion + Design in 2001 and worked on exciting projects for music, media, education, arts and non-profit organizations including The Colbert Report, The Rosenbach Museum and Library, and Marsalis Music. He loves content, grids, and users; and is always ready for discussing and arguing the finest points of HTML, CSS, and design with anyone who will join in.

In 2010 he joined Zivtech as Creative Director / VP of Creative.

Since 2013 he's been Coding Designer and a Lead Front Developer at NBCUniversal.